Introducing Michael Zaib

Michael Zaib - 5.jpg

Growing up under the Georgia pines, I was very lucky to hear America's musical greats like Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Donny Hathaway, as well as the soulful sounds of South Asia. This early exposure to music gave me a love for the many genres I play today. With the years, of course, came my first guitar and the open mics, the bands and college gigs, coastal tours, Atlanta's mayoral events, the new chapter in 2015 I began with my brother, and most recently a life-changing experience in Los Angeles where I had the opportunity to perform before some of today's leading musicians and entertainers in the industry. These experiences continue to shape my musical journey and often show me the ways I can more intimately connect with my faithful audience. Many of you know me by Zaib. And that will never change. But after much thought and reflection—especially now as I begin touring the country more and playing shows abroad (I’m playing at Australia’s 2018 festival in Canberra)—I have decided to adopt a stage name that will be more recognizable to my fans and more accurately reflect my family and musical heritage. So here's to a new stage name, new chapters, and new seasons as we welcome 2018.. I wish all of you life's blessings and look forward to sharing more special moments on this journey together.

Trestle Ridge