"31" at Eddie's Attic

It's hard to explain the feeling you get when you realize other people know your songs. Those songs you began writing on a whim, on quiet days on the porch, or during tough days in bed. Days when it was only you and your guitar. Being a singer-songwriter I've always felt that despite the ups and downs of playing music full-time there is always something inside that compels you to reach for the pen, the guitar, and the microphone.

Your trials and joys and experiences crave expression, and so that's one reason why I write songs. Why I sing. Returning to Eddie's Attic reminded me, once again, of another reason I do music: the chance to connect with other people through stories. It may sound cliche, but the more I do music the more I realize all our paths connect somewhere along the way, in one way or another. "31" is a record that captures some of these sentiments, experiences I've had stepping into my thirties. Stories about dreams, love, family and the things happening in our world.

So to everyone who came out to Eddie's Attic, Atlanta's historic listening room, thank you for being there, thank you for singing along, and thank you for inspiring me.

A very special thank you to my talented musicians Justin Moore on keys, Ryan Van Fleet on drums, and Troy Harris on bass. And to the talented Kate Barnett for opening up!

Peace and love.

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