The Kibitz Room

Off to the back of the famous Canter's Deli lies a dim quaint bar with a long history. It's called the Kibitz Room, an LA establishment that opened its doors in 1961 to offer artists and musicians a stage to perform. When the 1990s rolled around, jam sessions began in earnest, and soon the walls would welcome the likes of "Joni Mitchell, Rick James, Slash and members of Guns N' Roses, The Wallflowers, and members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers," according to the Canter's Deli history of the venue. The interesting thing is, as I was sitting by the bar, waiting to put my name on the list, I didn't know this history. Funny how music calls you to places where you belong. Playing at the Kibitz Room, as you can imagine, was a great experience.For more history on The Kibitz Room, the Los Angeles Times has a story on it here.