Recording at Cove City NY!


Home to tracks cut for artists like Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, and Dream Theater, Cove City Sound Studios has been recording some of the industry's top artists for decades in the quiet hamlet of Glen Cove, and for the next few days here, I feel fortunate to be recording a new original I wrote in Georgia. My journey to Cove City this week began in March of this year, while touring through NYC, when I went by The Bitter End one evening to enjoy some live music. Performing on stage when I walked in was the New York producer and musician Richie Cannata, the former saxophonist for Billy Joel and The Beach Boys.

The small world that music is, I found myself later that night playing Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" with Richie and his band (you can watch the performancehere if you're interested). And now some five months later I feel fortunate to be joining his team of producers and musicians here to create original soulful music. Please stay tuned for clips and pixels this week, and as always, thank you for your support.