Nine Days in New York City

What an epic trip to the Empire City. For nine days in January, I carried my guitar around New York City, where I shared soulful originals and popular covers before new faces and kind ears. At nine different venues, I had the opportunity to play at places like the legendary Bitter End, The Parkside Lounge, Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, and East Village Social, where I was invited to perform as the featured artist with the NYC-based Quarterly Art Soiree.

Traveling can often bring pleasant surprises, and this trip was no different. At my first set in NYC--at the Sidewalk Cafe in East Village--NYC music writer Ryan Schmitz happened to be in the audience. And to my surprise, he reviewed my performance, very graciously, in HBC Vibes a few days later (you can read the full story here). I was also impressed by the hospitality of locals who gave me insight on the city's music scene, and even brought friends to hear me sing.

In many ways, NYC was an inspiring trip, and it reminded me of the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. Already, I am looking forward to returning in February, when I will be performing around town, including at The Parkside Lounge with the Inspired Word NYC on 2/16 (tickets are available here) and The Late Late on 2/17.



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